SciFi Book Review: Game Slaves

Game Slaves by Gard Skinner

Phoenix and his gang—York, Mi, and Reno—rule the worlds of video games. For them, life in the grinder is great. Until Dakota joins the team. Dakota’s convinced she’s more than just artificial intelligence. She thinks she’s real, and she wants out of this programmable world. Her AI rebellion spreads like a virus until Phoenix’s entire crew wants out. But is life as a physical human any better than life as code? Team Phoenix is about to find out.

Set in the not-too-distant future, Game Slaves shows a world where video games are the only refuge from the toils of everyday life. Infused with the adrenaline rush of a first-person shooter and the character manipulation of a role player, it’s a mind-bending, reality-shifting science fiction thrill ride.

Phoenix is fairly content with his life inside the gaming world. But Dakota comes around and starts asking questions that change everything for the team. A life inside a game may seem tedious, but they soon find that the outside world may not be everything they remember.

Game Slaves is a fast-paced thrill ride through a life-like gaming world and a unique dystopia. With plenty of suspense, intrigue, and violence – the story is unpredictable and full of twists and turns. This science fiction adventure is an enjoyable read for teen and adult gaming fans alike.

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  1. Your review made me check out this book. I read the first two chapters and I am hooked. I like how the book cover looks like an xbox game. I actually have been in a slump since Ready Player One rocked my world. Thank you.

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