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Premier Week Thoughts

So I finally caught up on all of my premiers this week:

Chuck – Cute, funny, and plenty of promise.
UPDATE: is holding a Chuck giveaway! Check it out!

Heroes – A bit confusing, but what else is new? And Peter’s back.. that’s all I care about!

Journeyman – Snore. I’ll still give a few more episodes to redeem itself though.

Reaper – A bit funny, but not of enough interest to me to keep watching.

Bionic Woman – Dark and exciting. I’m hoping this one gets better character development, if it’s to go anywhere.

The Office – Spectacular in every way.

Smallville – Supergirl gets major billing along with the rest of the main cast. And she didn’t even have to say a word in this episode. There seemed to be way too much going on to fit into one hour-long episode. Bizzaro was defeated a little too easily.

Stargate: Atlantis – Jewel Stait is the new Doc! She was great. And continuing from last season’s cliffhanger, Atlantis just keeps getting more exciting! Still my favorite show.

Moonlight – Surprisingly fun. Vamp, Mick St. John has a sense of humor. And I enjoyed his character more than I thought I would. It’s no Blood Ties, but I’m looking forward to see where this one goes.

What were your favorites?
Which were disappointments?

FOX Trip

Today, I’m on my way to sunny California.
People at FOX were kind enough to fly me and other web-based media people out for a set tour/meet and greet with the cast of the new show The Sarah Connor Chronicles!
I’ll be back… in a couple of days. Check back later this week for highlights of the trip… and more on the upcoming show!

Here’s an early trailer:

Countdown to Premier Week

Just a week and a half till premier week!

Here are the dates, times, and stations of some of the new premiers that I’ll be looking forward to:

Chuck – Monday, September 24 at 8/7c on NBC
Click here to view the trailer:

Journeyman – Monday, September 24 at 9/8c on NBC
Click here to view the trailer:

Bionic Woman – Wednesday, September 26 at 9/8c on NBC
Click here to view the trailer:

Moonlight – Friday, September 28 at 9pm ET/PT on CBS
Click here to view the trailer:

Reaper – Tuesday, September 25 at 9/8c on CW
Click here to view the trailer:

And a week later:

Pushing Daisies – Wednesday, October 3 at 8/7c on ABC
Click here to view the trailer:

NBC Links

This just in from my source, Shankar, promoting NBC shows –

Two items for you today: First, this is freshly uploaded to the Web, not available in any other NBC or Universal Home Entertainment promos. It’s a clip from the visual effects special features, in which visual effects supervisor Mark Kolpack talks about a common bond he and Heroes star Masa Oki share—Oki also worked in special effects before he began his acting career. Check out this new Heroes clip from the Season 1 DVD boxed set on YouTube:

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Flash Trash

I caught the premier of the new Flash Gordon on the SciFi Channel Friday night. And wasted a good hour of my life. They cancelled the Dresden Files and put their hope in this show? I think something is seriously wrong with these people. They wouldn’t know a good show if it slapped them in the face.

Not only was Flash Gordon as corny as a B movie, but the special effects look like they came out of someone’s basement. The dialog and writing was laughable, and not in a good way. Basically, Doctor Who (for the bizarreness) threw up on Flash Gordon. Every cheesy science fiction element is here.

Way to give science fiction a bad name, SciFi Channel!