Incredible Hulk

I just read in the latest edition of SciFi Magazine that Edward Norton has been cast by Marvel Studios to play Bruce Banner in the upcoming Incredible Hulk movie!

Set for a June 13, 2008 release, this latest installment will supposedly be “less self-serious and more in line with the comic series and TV show.”

When I talked to Lou Ferrigno at the Motor City Comic Con, he said that he’ll be in the upcoming movie as well.

Edward Norton is an amazing actor. And since they signed him on, I’m actually going to have higher hopes for this next one.
…Even though Hulk bombed and was a major disappointment.

13 of the 4400

Over the past 50 years, people from all across America and overseas have been abducted in a shaft of light. On July 11th, 2004, what looks to be a comet falling to earth, deposits 4400 people on the shore of Highland Beach in Washington. None of the returnees have aged nor can recall anything since the time they were taken. And many are beginning to show signs of strange abilities…

Counting down to the season 4 premier of The 4400 on Sunday June 17th, here are 13 of the abducted and returned 4400 and their abilities:

Shawn Farrell
1. Sean Farrell (Patrick Flueger) – Shawn was at a campsite with his cousin Kyle talking about his neighbor when a light appeared. It was trying to take Kyle, but Shawn shoved him out of it. The future never wanted Shawn, but since he was the one who was taken he became a 4400. Shawn is the only unintended abuductee to be featured on the show. Kyle was left comatose from the ordeal and Shawn went missing until he was returned three years later. Though everything initially appears normal, Shawn soon finds himself with the power to both heal and do harm (he can drain beings of power just as much as he can restore people).
Abducted: Accidentally on April 22, 2001 – Highland Beach
Ability: Life force manipulation: capable of healing or harming with just his touch.
Status: In A Coma

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