8 thoughts on “Bionic Woman Clips”

  1. I saw the clips last night. Something about the fight scene reminds me of a Buffy vs Faith face-off. 🙂

    There’s not enough to really get a feel on how good (or bad) it’ll be, and I’m not familiar with Michelle Ryan’s work to say if she’ll any good. But it’s done by some of the people who did a great job reimagining Battlestar Galactica, so I’m optimistic.

    I’m also going to watch it because I used to love Lindsay Wagner as the Bionic Woman. Anyone remember the slo-mo when she’s running? And that cheesy sound effect?

    Oh, and of course for Katee Sackoff, who’s supposed to be the original Bionic Woman that went rogue or something. I still can’t get over the ending for BSG Season 3.

  2. Wow that looks great! I was a bit worried after hearing about how they were going to change the basic premis. That it would be more of a social commentary on feminism than action. Now while I like having the commentary aspect, I wouldn’t want it to override the story itself.

    This looks very promising though.

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