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Blue Diablo

A Tale of Two Genres, by Ann Aguirre

One reader (credit to Bev/QB) coined a term for the Jax series: futuristic urban fantasy. I think it’s particularly apropos. If you had asked me before this all started whether I would ever write SF, I’d have said no. Seriously. I always wanted to write fantasy. Epic fantasy (which I have done), urban fantasy, you name it.

So how did my first sale wind up being SF? My story: let me tell you it.

Jax came full-fledged from a hole in my heart and she drove me to write about her. I didn’t think about genre. People have asked, why present tense? Well, because it’s Jax’s tale, told in her voice—and in her opinion, it’s not done yet.

Others have commented that my books seem like I’ve watched more movies and TV shows than I’ve read SF novels. I cop to that. I’m all about the character development, and for me, it’s been harder to find character-driven SF. Characters always feature prominently in the visual arts. I don’t think this background impacts my work negatively, however; a new approach is never bad. The genre is big enough to withstand concept books, tech-based books, novels about first-contact, and others about generation ships. I know most of the tropes, but I don’t have the technical expertise (or interest) to write any SF other than what I do.

At base, my Jax books are about a girl, who ran away from home to see the stars. She wanted to be more than an ornament. She wanted the whole universe instead of one man. She has a thread of chaos in her veins, and she carries disorder wherever she goes. But not all change is bad. Not everything can or should be quantified. She faces tough choices and heartbreak, and she grows along her journey. The bottom line is: if the reader cares about Jax, then my books will work for him or her.

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Heroes Magazine Issue #9 Interview Extracts

Heroes Magazine Issue #9

Keep reading for interview extracts from the latest Heroes Magazine from Titan Publishing:

An interview excerpt with Greg Grunberg (Matt Parkman) from the new issue of the Official Heroes Magazine:

HEROES MAGAZINE: A few months ago, your childhood pal Jesse Alexander said you used to run a frozen yogurt delivery service. Even back then, were you harboring dreams of becoming a Hollywood actor?

GREG GRUNBERG: I’ve wanted to be an actor my whole life. Growing up, I would do community theater. In elementary school, I was Tom Sawyer [in a school show]. I was always that kid who wanted to either play sports or act, so I’ve always known I had the bug.

I never thought of it as a career until I realized I had to take a chance on this. It was right after college that I decided now was the time. I opened a frozen yogurt store with my Dad on Melrose Avenue [in LA] – I’ve always had the business bug in me. I was sharing an apartment with [Lost creator] J.J. Abrams and I didn’t know whether I was going to write or act. I was actually Joel Silver’s personal driver for a year. I was doing everything I could possibly do, so it was either take acting seriously now, or never.

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Star Trek Magazine Issue #17 Interview Extracts

Star Trek Magazine Issue #17

Keep reading for several interview extracts from the latest Star Trek Magazine from Titan Publishing…

Interview extract with Paramount’s production executive Marc Evans, featuring in issue #17 of Star Trek Magazine:

Star Trek Magazine: Leonard Nimoy said he was gratified that there was a story that understood the character of Spock so well. What was it about the story that sold it to you?

Marc Evans: There is this phenomenal thing in all of J.J.’s work, in Bob and
Alex’s work, in Damon’s work, that shows the massively personal inside the most exciting framework that it can be done in. J.J. is a guy who has done Felicity on the one hand, and Mission: Impossible on the other hand. Alex and Bob wrote the story for Transformers which is really just about a boy getting his first car. The Star Trek pitch and the Star Trek script had exactly those same things.

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Fablehaven: Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary

Fablehaven: Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary

Fablehaven: Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary, by Brandon Mull, is the fourth book in the Fablehaven series.

Kendra and Seth are back at home, looking forward to winter break. While secretly reading Patton’s journal, Kendra discovers clues to another hidden artifact. But the only key to the artifact is guarded within a deadly dragon sanctuary. But Kendra soon finds herself in more immediate danger. And Seth decides to embark on a dangerous mission of his own. The Knights of the Dawn must protect the artifacts from the power-hungry Sphinx, as he wants to use them to unlock the demon prison.

Kendra and Seth have grown a great deal over the course of the series. They started out as just two normal children thrust into unusual circumstances. But as they learn more about themselves and the world around them, both make admirable choices, growing in character and wisdom.

As so many people in their life have betrayed them, the children have become naturally less trusting. But even more allies turn out to be traitors. And as the Sphinx grows in power, circumstances become dire. But Kendra and Seth never give up hope.

This fourth installment is the most exciting yet. Danger and suspense are a constant. The Knights of the Dawn must use their brains as well as brawn to overcome the perils of the dragon sanctuary. Big surprises lead up to a climactic ending. But fans of the series will have to hold on for next year when the Fablehaven series concludes in the fifth and final book. This is an exciting series that fantasy fans of all ages should love. With a focus on family and fighting for the side of good, in my eyes, it makes Harry Potter pale in comparison.

Fablehaven: Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary releases today from Shadow Mountain Press in bookstores everywhere.

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