Dragon Con 09 Friday Report

I arrived in Atlanta Thursday night and attended the Press Party at the Marriott, where the Dragon Con staff introduced themselves, press members mingled, drinks and finger foods were served, and a few actors showed up to meet and greet. I wasn’t able to stay long, but said “Hi” to Richard Hatch, Alan Ruck, and Kristy Swanson before leaving.

Friday morning, I arrived in time for the Star Trek Author cavalcade, including Robert Greenberger, Alan Dean Foster, Keith R. A. DeCandido, and Peter David.

Star Trek Authors Panel

Star Trek Authors Panel

Star Trek Authors Panel

As a huge fan of Star Trek novels, it was a treat to hear stories from favorite authors and news about upcoming series.

Next, was a trip around the Exhibit Halls.

Exhibit Hall

Yes, that couple are barefoot, and the man wearing a kilt. The costumed attendees were very numerous.

Exhibit Hall

Then, a short trip in the TARDIS.

Tardis Prop

Justin Chon, from the recent Twilight movie, was my next stop. He was supposed to appear with another actor to be interviewed. But after 45 minutes of listening to just Chon, I was too bored to wait around to see if anyone else showed up.

Justin Chon Twilight Panel

Next, I was off to meet the talented Kat Richardson at her Dark Fantasy Panel that focused on Ghost Stories.

Kat Richardson and I

Also met Stacia Kane and Cherie Priest.

Dark Fantasy Authors Panel

Then, I walked next door to “Looking Into the Crystal Ball” panel where editors/publishers talked about trends and popular sub-genres. Afterwards, I met Lou Anders from PYR. We had a fun conversation about books, authors, and conventions at dinner down the street.

Lou Anders and I

A fun, first day! More later…

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