Visa Cash Card and Book Giveaway: Amulet Book Four

One (1) lucky winner will receive:
• $50 Visa Cash Card
• Copy of Amulet Book Four: The Last Council by Kazu Kibuishi
• Plus the first 3 books in the series

Prizing value: $10.99 per book
Prizing & samples courtesy of Scholastic Inc.

Kazu Kibuishi’s thrilling, NEW YORK TIMES bestselling series continues!

Emily and her friends think they’ll find the help they need in Cielis, but something isn’t right. Streets that were once busy are deserted, and the townspeople who are left live in fear. Emily is soon escorted to the Academy, where she’s expected to compete for a spot on the Guardian Coucil, a group of the most powerful Stonekeepers. But as the number of competitors gets smaller and smaller, an awful secret is slowly uncovered – a secret that, if left buried, means the certain destruction of everything Emily fights for.

Contest is open to US residents only. No PO Boxes. To enter, just fill out the form below. Contest ends November 4. I’ll draw names on November 5, and notify winners via email.

Good luck!

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Book Review: Destination Truth: Memoirs of a Monster Hunter

Destination Truth: Memoirs of a Monster Hunter, by Josh Gates

Josh Gates is the host of Syfy’s Destination Truth, where his team travels the globe in search of myths and monsters. In this journal of Gates’ travels, we get a more in-depth look at his expeditions, how he got started with the show, and his thoughts and feelings on travel. This is a quick read, with plenty of stories, memories, and his take on a variety of monsters from mythology and folk tales.

Gates is incredibly entertaining and hilarious on the show and in print. His retelling of his adventures cover a vast array of aired episodes: hunting the illusive Yeti, walking through deadly Chernobyl, challenging King Tut’s curse in Egypt, searching for mermaids, giant snakes, and much more. Several pages of pictures from Gates’ travels are also featured; some look familiar from the show. Just like the show, Destination Truth: Memoirs of a Monster Hunter is full of adventure, legends, excitement, tales of interesting local cuisine, and laugh-out-loud commentaries. Fans of the show will find this behind-the-scenes look fun and even thought-provoking.

Blu-Ray Review: Green Lantern

Green Lantern Extended Cut – Blu-ray Combo Pack

When the Green Lantern Corps comes under attack by a new threat, Hal Jordan becomes the first human ever chosen to become one of the galaxy’s defenders. Hal is a test pilot, cocky and reckless. And the Corps doesn’t believe that Hal or humanity is worthy to join their ranks. But humanity may have what the Corps has been missing in their fight against Parallax – willpower.

Hal Jordan (played by Ryan Reynolds) is brazen, courageous, and witty. When the Green Lantern ring chooses him, with no instructions, humor ensues. As with other super hero origin stories, Hal takes a while to learn and train his newly found power. Seeing early clips and images, I was worried that the Green Lantern aliens would be too corny and ridiculous-looking for comic-to-film adaptation. And while there still was a bit of hokey-ness at times, I was really impressed on how the aliens were handled and at the amazing CGI.

It does help to go in to movies with lower expectations. I actually thoroughly enjoyed every bit of the story and the characters. The main villain Hector, Parallax’s puppet, (played by Peter Sarsgaard) is a tortured, almost sympathetic character. And Mark Strong as Sinestro is simply fantastic. As science fiction and comic book fan, I was swept away in the action and amazing special effects, as the hero travels to and from space. Loaded with adventure, mystery, romance, bizarre aliens, and plenty of laughs, Green Lantern is a fun, fast-paced thrill ride.

“Green Lantern” Blu-ray Combo Pack includes:

• Extended Cut
• Theatrical Film
• Maximum Movie Mode with Picture in Picture Pods
• The Universe According to Green Lantern
• Ryan Reynolds Becomes Green Lantern
• Justice League #1 Digital Comic
• Additional Scenes
• Preview of Green Lantern: The Animated Series
• BD-Live

Buy It 10/14 on Blu-ray™ Combo Pack with UltraViolet Digital Copy or Download to Own

Book Review: The Death Cure

The Death Cure, by James Dashner

Thomas awakens in the clutches of Wicked, with the offer to have his memories returned. But Thomas immediately distrusts their offer, despite Teresa’s insistence that “Wicked is good.” They have lied too many times. The Trials may be over, but his adventures in the real world are just beginning.

Thomas has been thrown into extreme situations over and over again. But his bravery and loyalty remain. Dashner’s future world was finally revealed in the previous novel, The Scorch Trials, as one overcome with a virus that affects the mind. Widespread and driving its victims to a violent, feral state, Wicked exists to find a cure. But Wicked’s methods have been to take children and put them through intense (and often fatal) trials to find their perfect test subjects.

The Death Cure is the third and final installment in the Maze Runner trilogy. As before, there is plenty of heart-pounding suspense, danger, and excitement. With several twists and surprises along the way, the adventure builds to a big showdown that fans won’t want to miss. Marketed for young adults, this dark and violent not-too-distant science fiction trilogy is fast-paced and completely riveting. Impressive and inventive, this is one trilogy that is impossible to put down.

The Death Cure releases from Delacorte Books for Young Readers on October 11, 2011.

Book Review: Cosmic Storm

Cosmic Storm, by Dom Testa

In the distant future, a passing comet has left behind a deadly pollutant in Earth’s atmosphere. Bhaktul’s disease is fatal for all humans, but only takes effect in adulthood. In the search for a cure, one scientist devises an idea to send a group of young people to another planet where they can live free of the deadly disease and allow a future for humanity. Only 251 teenagers are sent in the impressive ship Galahad. Together, these teenagers must survive and thrive in order to reach their destination and keep humanity alive.

Following a shocking death, and their leader Triana abandoning the ship and crew to investigate a wormhole, the crew of Galahad is faced with choosing a new leader. Gap seems like the logical choice, but a surprising nomination throws Gap for a loop. Meanwhile, Gap and his engineers have yet another problem. Radiation keeps leaking in short bursts through the shields. As temporary leader, Gap has the weight of the ship on his shoulders.

In this fifth installment in the Galahad Series, drama and emotions flare up as never before. A year into the mission, the crew of teens have been forced to grow up early and endure numerous hardships and struggles. This novel focuses on Gap and his step up into leadership, where he does some definite growing. Testa’s characters are engaging and it’s easy to get caught up in their individual stories.

This series continues to be a solid science fiction, adventure series for young adults. Full of suspense, danger, teenage angst, and humor, this wagon train to the stars is a highly enjoyable ride. There are still major reveals to come. With a few surprises and another mild cliffhanger ending, readers will be impatiently awaiting the final book release in this incredible series.

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