SciFi Mystery Book Review: Sherlock Holmes: The Army of Dr Moreau

Sherlock Holmes: The Army of Dr Moreau by Guy Adams

Official Synopsis:
Following the trail of several corpses seemingly killed by wild animals, Holmes and Watson stumble upon the experiments of Doctor Moreau. Moreau, through vivisection and crude genetic engineering is creating animal hybrids, determined to prove the evolutionary theories of Charles Darwin. In his laboratory, hidden among the opium dens of Rotherhithe, Moreau is building an army of ‘beast men’. Tired of having his work ignored — or reviled — by the British scientific community, Moreau is willing to make the world pay attention using his creatures as a force to gain control of the government.

This is a fun and imaginative blending of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and H. G. Wells’ works. This new adventure of Sherlock Holmes and Watson brings science fiction to the plot instead of regular whodunit mystery. Holmes and Watson are hired by Holmes’ brother Mycroft to investigate sightings of unusual animal attacks in the city. Mycroft believes that these creatures may be the result of Dr. Moreau’s bizarre experiments. But as Holmes and Watson investigate, they uncover a surprising conspiracy.

Adams stays true to the original characters of Holmes and Watson, yet brings a fun, exciting twist with a fresh new story. This mash-up of classics was highly entertaining and completely riveting. I’m a sucker for a good mystery, and paired with my favorite genre, science fiction, I had high expectations that were well placed. I’ll certainly be reading more in this continued series of Sherlock Holmes.

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  1. I’m reading THE HO– USE OF SILK by Anthony Horowitz. As I like Sherlock Holmes stories a lot I read your good review with great interest and you convinced me that I should give Sherlock Holmes: The Army of Dr Moreau by Guy Adams a try.

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