Box Review: Marvel Collector Corps – October 2016 – Doctor Strange

Marvel Collector Corps

This is the October 2016 box from Collector Corps and the theme was Doctor Strange – just in time for the upcoming film! The Marvel Collector Corps offers these boxes starting at $25 plus s/h.


Each box comes with an exclusive badge and pin.


And a card detailing the contents of the box with a look at early concepts.


Doctor Strange #1 Variant Comic – This POP variant is awesome.


Doctor Strange Tshirt – YET ANOTHER BLACK SHIRT. And I’m not a fan of POP-styled shirts. But at least I have something to wear to opening night of the movie. And it is a unique design.


Doctor Strange Mug – Ugh. I hate these mugs.


EXCLUSIVE Doctor Strange Funko POP – I LOVE this exclusive design. Unfortunately, I’m NOT a fan of the monochrome POPs. I really wish it was full color to see all the details well. A sparkly full-color POP would’ve been fantastic. This just blends in.

Summary: This was a bit of a disappointment, as the mugs are terrible. And I really wanted a full color Doctor Strange exclusive. And it was a bit odd that everything was Doctor Strange-only. No supporting characters. Bummer.