Achilles, Inc. Volume 1 – Comic Review

Achilles, Inc., 100 pages – Published by Source Point Press, (cc/ @TravisM)

Ten years ago, a sliver of the world’s population was granted super powers in an instant. Since then, these “Boosters” have turned the planets socio-economic systems on their ear. Instead of dressing up in colorful costumes and beating each other up, they formed a union-called Power Corps-and replaced the blue collar workforces across the globe. The world is in despair. Jobs are scarce and we…

Story and Art by Andy Schmidt and Daniel Maine

Ransom Yeong is a “Dud” – a powerless individual who lost his job to the super powered “Boosters.” Now, he runs a company called Achilles, Inc., helping the powerless by looking for the weaknesses in the Boosters. Their motto is “Everyone has an Achilles Heel… it’s our job to find it.”

This is an action-packed, dramatic underdog story. It’s the super-powered people who rule, but the rest of the population are angry and ready to fight back. It’s a thrilling plot with several unexpected twists along the way. The artwork is fantastic – well-rendered, vibrant, and fits the feel of the story. Achilles, Inc. is engaging and fast-paced, with plenty of colorful characters that I look forward to reading more about.

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