Atherton: The House of Power

Atherton: The House of Power, by Patrick Carman is first in the Atherton series.

Edgar is a clever boy and a skilled climber, who lives a meager life in a harsh land. But when Edgar comes across a strange book, his life begins to change, and nothing will be the same. The world is changing, and the future is uncertain. And young Edgar decides to seek out the answers.

The House of Power is a wonderful beginning of a look at a fascinating world. It’s a science fiction story for youth, but has the feel of a grand fantasy. With wonderful characters that bring the story to life, each has a separate role to play and involve deeper themes.

The world of Atherton is fascinating. And the madman who created it is even more so. Edgar and the rest of the population of Atherton face danger and betrayal. And they must difficult quick decisions as well as choosing who to trust. I couldn’t put this book down. It’s exciting, with plenty of mystery and suspense. A must for any young science fiction or fantasy fan.

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