Atlantis Unleashed

Atlantis Unleashed

Atlantis Unleashed, by Alyssa Day, is 3rd in the Warriors of Poseidon series.

Justice sacrificed himself to save his brother. But when Dr. Keely McDermott meets the tortured Atlantean, she realizes that she has been having visions of Justice. With the help of Keely, Justice must overcome his mental anguish and find a vital, missing artifact.

Justice is a fantastic character, with wonderful depth. And the character of Keely is just as fascinating with her psychometry (ability to read the history of objects by touch). She’s smart, strong, and no damsel waiting to be rescued.

Day has created an extraordinary world, surrounding the Atlantis legend. Her Atlantis warriors are powerful, alpha males, each with different personalities and interesting backstories. And her females are no shrinking violets; each is strong and has their own special abilities. The adventure is fun, and the romance is steamy. This is an ideal series for romantic fantasy fans looking for something different within the genre. Atlantis has never looked so good.

And be sure to check out Atlantis Unmasked, 4th in the series, releasing July 7th in bookstores everywhere.