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Music/Books/Films that inspired LOOP
by Karen Akins

First up, music.

When writing, I rely heavily on my book playlist to nail the mood that I’m trying to establish in each scene or for each character. Sometimes, in revisions, I’ll even go back and revise the playlist if I realize that I’ve gotten off track, emotion-wise.

LOOP’s playlist is on Spotify:

If I had to pick a theme song for LOOP’s main characters, Bree and Finn, it would be “I’m Going to Make You Love Me” by the Jayhawks. It’s one of the few songs that’s stayed the same from the first draft all the way through the publishing process. It contains this hopeful determination that Finn naturally has and that Bree desperately needs.


Well, I’ll tell you what didn’t inspire LOOP…any time travel novels written in the last four years. I had to stop reading any other time travel once I started writing it. There are so many similar themes that run throughout the sub-genre, and I didn’t want to be overly influenced by anyone else’s worldbuilding. And let me tell you, my time travel ban has been hard. As soon as I finish final edits on LOOP’s sequel TWIST, I am going to go on a time travel binge. J

In terms of inspiring the “specialized ability in a unique setting” of LOOP, I’m going to give huge props to Kiersten White’s PARANORMALCY series and Ally Carter’s GALLAGHER GIRLS series. As I was reading their stories, I kept thinking, this is what I want to convey in LOOP more than anything…fun!

Very astute readers will pick up on some similarities to Pride & Prejudice. I looooosely based my plot on P & P. (And I’m always happy to discuss those similarities once you pick them out.)


One comment I’ve received from several readers is that LOOP’s action gives it a movie feel. One sweet reader actually said, “I kept craving popcorn while I was reading, and I realized it was because I felt like I was watching a movie.”

I’m a huge sci-fi fan. Some of the gadgets and general sense of optimism for the future have a Star Trek background. And, not to be too spoilery, but one of the scenes in LOOP was most definitely inspired by the final one of The Matrix.

Thanks again for having me! I hope everyone enjoys LOOP. 3

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