Becoming Jinn Blog Tour: Giveaways and List of 10 Things Every Jinn Girl Needs

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Author Lori Goldstein joins today to give us the Top Ten Things Every Jinn Girl Needs and offer a special giveaway (details below)! em>Becoming Jinn releases April 21st from Feiwel & Friends.

Ten Things Every Jinn Girl Needs
by Lori Goldstein

1. Sweets. All Jinn have a sweet tooth, but not every Jinn is talented enough to conjure food. Kitchens need to be stocked with chocolate, ice cream, and a host of sugary treats.

2. A space heater. Jinn love the heat and hate the cold. Space heaters, fireplaces, outdoor firepits, and the like are a requirement.

3. Family cantamen. Part rulebook, part spell book, part history book, part memoir, part diary, a Jinn cantamen helps guide new Jinn as they hone their magic. Each family maintains its own, adding to it over the centuries.

4. A large house. With a Zar sisterhood made up of six Jinn, Zar gatherings require a home with enough room to accommodate big groups. Two Zars together equal twelve Jinn, three pump it up to eighteen…you get the idea.

5. A laptop and an Internet connection. Granting wishes for humans requires research on the wish candidate to ensure whatever actions taken to accomplish the wish won’t raise any suspicions. The more a Jinn knows about their wishee, the less risky granting wishes is…something Azra must learn the hard way.

6. A tagine. To make dishes like Azra’s favorite, chicken tagine with tomatoes and sweet caramelized onions, a traditional tagine with its round dish and conical lid is required.

7. Restraint. The more magic a Jinn does, especially for humans who can’t know about their powers, the more they risk exposure—the worst thing for a Jinn.

8. Focus. All magic requires concentration, but for no element is focus more key than when traveling via Jinn teleportation. Can’t have Jinn popping up in the middle of a crowded restaurant full of humans. And if a Jinn does then they need . . .

9. Quick thinking. Hiding one’s magic isn’t always easy, and a quick mind, ready with a lie, an explanation, and a way out of a sticky situation, is essential.

10. A good cover story. Humans are an inquisitive bunch. Jinn, who lack day jobs but have houses and cars and all the rest that require money to outside eyes, need a cover story. Huh, I guess being Jinn’s kinda like being a spy!


Special Giveaway: Courtesy of Lori, we have a Selection of Taza Chocolate (made locally near Lori’s hometown for one (1) lucky winner!

Contest is open to US residents only. No PO Boxes please. To enter, just fill out the form below. Contest ends May 1. I’ll draw a name on May 2, and notify winner via email.


Good luck!

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