Blu-Ray Review: Forbidden Planet

Forbidden Planet Blu-ray

Forbidden Planet Blu-Ray Edition

This 1956 science fiction film is a known classic. Despite the warnings of Dr. Morbius, a spacecruiser insists on landing on Altair-4 to investigate the planet and what happened to the rest of Dr. Morbius’ original colleagues. Dr. Morbius now lives alone on the planet save for his daughter and his robot named Robby. But there is a malevolent presence on the planet, both mysterious and invisible.

The film stars Walter Pidgeon as Dr. Morbius, Anne Francis as his daughter, and Leslie Nielsen as the daring spacecruiser Commander. It boasts the first ever all-electronic score, that certainly adds to the eerie ambiance and adds suspense. Unfortunately, the balance was a bit off – the electronic noises got very tedious and had to be turned down, while the dialog had to be turned up. It was a lot of fun to spot what possible inspiration spawned other favorite scifi technology, such as the Star Trek transporter beams. This classic is a must-see for science fiction fans, as it helped pave the way for future scifi.

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