Book Review: A Hard Day’s Fright

A Hard Day’s Fright, by Casey Daniels

Cemetery guide Pepper Martin sees dead people. And more than just the ones in her cemetery. While riding the train to her friend’s home, Pepper meets Lucy, who died in 1966. Lucy was a teenager who disappeared one night after a Beatles concert, and was never seen or heard from again. Lucy needs Pepper to find her body so she can be at rest. But the missing-person’s case ran cold 45 years ago. Pepper will have to use her skills of deduction and a lot of luck to figure out this old mystery.

Pepper Martin is a smart and savvy woman with keen fashion sense. Using her ability to see and speak to ghosts, Pepper investigates their stories to help them pass on. In this 7th installment in the Pepper Martin Mystery series, Pepper is helped by her friend’s 15-year-old daughter with the research skills that Pepper lacks.

Even though this is the 7th in the series, the stories are self-contained and completely stand-alone. Though, having read and loved Pepper and this entertaining mystery, I will certainly be going back and picking up previous installments. This light-hearted mystery is full of humor, suspense, and drama. The mystery kept me guessing. And there were plenty of twists and surprises to keep me hooked along the way. Mystery and fantasy fans alike should enjoy this fast-paced, fun tale.