Book Review: A Web of Air

A Web of Air, by Philip Reeve

For the past couple years Fever Crumb has been traveling with a theater troupe and her two young charges. In Mayda, Fever discovers a flying machine which leads her to an eccentric inventor obsessed with flying. And Fever is inspired to assist young Arlo Thursday. But there is an unknown enemy ready to put a stop to any advancement in flight technology. And just as dangerous, thieves that wish to steal the incredible invention.

Fever is a mature young adult who values rational thinking above all. The engineers in Reeve’s world are akin to Star Trek’s Vulcans who shun emotion in favor of logic. But Fever does have emotions, which make her struggle with her feelings versus her logical reasoning.

A Web of Air is second in the Fever Crumb trilogy for young adults. Set in a futuristic, mildly dystopian universe, the steampunk setting is imaginative and inspired. As before, the story is full of suspense, mystery and fantastic characters. While a bit predictable, Fever’s latest adventure is fast-paced and riveting. Ending with a bit of a cliffhanger, the final installment in the trilogy can’t come fast enough.

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