Book Review: Aldwyns Academy

Aldwyns Academy, by Nathan Meyer

Young Dorian Ravensmith is being sent to school at Aldwyns Academy for Wizardry, to follow in his mother’s footsteps. But on the way, Dorian and his mother are attacked by wolves. Then when they finally arrive at the school, Dorian begins seeing apparitions. And when his magic tutor sneaks out on his first night there, Dorian suspects her of keeping secrets and decides to follow her – leading him into more trouble than he thought possible.

Dorian is reluctant to become a wizard, and doesn’t seem to have the talent that his powerful and prestigious mother does. But in just one long day, Dorian is faced with incredible challenges that force him to develop his magic skills and courage. This is a short, fast-paced fantasy for young readers that ties in to the Dungeons and Dragons realm and series. Fun characters, frightening monsters, and plenty of magic, it was impossible to put down. My only complaint was that it was so short and over too soon. Loaded with action, adventure, suspense, and surprises around every corner – Aldwyns Academy is a highly entertaining and fun read.