Book Review: Being Human: Bad Blood

Being Human: Bad Blood

Being Human: Bad Blood, by James Goss

Based on the tv series Being Human, three roommates try to live normal, human lives. But Mitchell is a vampire, George is a werewolf, and Annie is a ghost.

An old friend of Annie’s shows up at the house. Denise is able to see Annie but doesn’t know that Annie died. When Denise decides to get Annie out and party often and hard, George isn’t happy about it. Denise and Annie decide to plan a seemingly harmless Bingo night, but someone else has their own agenda. And no one is safe.

This 3rd installment finishes up the story arc of the mysterious Hospital Administrator and his motivations for coming to town. Unlike the previous, this jumps from first person narrative of several characters and back to third person. Of course, the narrative doesn’t flow well, gets a bit confusing, and doesn’t really make much sense as to why the author chose to do this.

Most of the book is fairly slow with no plot progression as Denise takes Annie, George and Mitchell out on the town. Not much happens until the Bingo night. Then, the story picks up and gets exciting. Despite a lackluster start, the final third of the book builds up tension fairly fast, with heart-pounding suspense. Questions from the overlying story arc are finally answered throughout a climactic showdown, with a satisfying conclusion.

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