Book Review: Between the Sea and Sky

Between the Sea and Sky by Jaclyn Doamore

As a young mermaid, Esmerine is excited to join her sister Dosinia as a siren, protecting their waters. But when Dosinia suddenly runs away with a human, Esmerine decides to follow her to land and make sure she’s safe. With the siren’s ability to change her fins to feet at will, Esmerine finds an old childhood friend in the human city. But Alandare is not human either. He is from a winged race from the sky. As Alandare helps Esmerine search for her sister, they stir up old feelings from childhood. But with Esmerine unable to walk without pain, and Alandare unable to live in the ocean, their love seems doomed from the start.

Esmerine is a mermaid who isn’t content with just life at sea. She loves to read and is fascinated with the world above. But with a twist on the Little Mermaid story, the boy she falls in love with has wings. The story develops as the two get to know each other again, while waiting for word from her sister. The ending seemed a bit rushed, after finally finding Dosinia. But it’s a fairly short, easy read as it is. It’s a moving, beautifully written tale. Fairy tale lovers of all ages should enjoy this enchanting story of love and magic.

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