Book Review: Choke


Choke, by Obert Skye, is the sequel to Pillage.

Beck Phillips has been living in the aftermath of the dragon attack on his town. All of the dragons were destroyed. But one egg remains. When a mysterious stranger visits Beck, he is told to hatch the remaining egg. And kill the hatchling before it grows beyond control, as this egg is much different from the others Beck hatched. From this egg will grow the dragon queen.

Beck hasn’t changed much since last time. He’s still a smart-aleck and often making unwise choices. But at-heart, Beck is a good kid and does try to do the right thing. He is basically forced into this latest fiasco. Thankfully, he has a couple genuine friends to help him out this time around. The same level of mystery and suspense can’t compare to the first novel. But Choke remains a solid sequel, with its own share of ominous adults and surprises. I wish all middle reader novels were so cleverly written. Full of witty comments from Beck and fast-paced adventure, this trilogy (or Pillogy, as Skye dubbed it) is a must-read for young fantasy fans.

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