Book Review: Cosmic Storm

Cosmic Storm, by Dom Testa

In the distant future, a passing comet has left behind a deadly pollutant in Earth’s atmosphere. Bhaktul’s disease is fatal for all humans, but only takes effect in adulthood. In the search for a cure, one scientist devises an idea to send a group of young people to another planet where they can live free of the deadly disease and allow a future for humanity. Only 251 teenagers are sent in the impressive ship Galahad. Together, these teenagers must survive and thrive in order to reach their destination and keep humanity alive.

Following a shocking death, and their leader Triana abandoning the ship and crew to investigate a wormhole, the crew of Galahad is faced with choosing a new leader. Gap seems like the logical choice, but a surprising nomination throws Gap for a loop. Meanwhile, Gap and his engineers have yet another problem. Radiation keeps leaking in short bursts through the shields. As temporary leader, Gap has the weight of the ship on his shoulders.

In this fifth installment in the Galahad Series, drama and emotions flare up as never before. A year into the mission, the crew of teens have been forced to grow up early and endure numerous hardships and struggles. This novel focuses on Gap and his step up into leadership, where he does some definite growing. Testa’s characters are engaging and it’s easy to get caught up in their individual stories.

This series continues to be a solid science fiction, adventure series for young adults. Full of suspense, danger, teenage angst, and humor, this wagon train to the stars is a highly enjoyable ride. There are still major reveals to come. With a few surprises and another mild cliffhanger ending, readers will be impatiently awaiting the final book release in this incredible series.

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