Book Review: Crossed

Crossed by Ally Condie

Cassia gets herself assigned to the Outer Provinces in search of Ky, who lives each day as a target for the Enemy. When Ky finally escapes with two other boys, his first plan is to find his way back to Cassia. Both face a long journey of hardships, death, and betrayal.

Cassia has made her choice with Ky, but Xander still holds a place in heart. And she’s still a bit naïve. While the previous story was entirely in the heart of the Society, this sequel follows Cassia and Ky on their separate paths on the outside. And as Matched focused mostly on Cassia, Crossed gives equal time to Cassia and Ky. And readers receive more insight into Ky and his tortured past.

This second book in the Matched trilogy has a different feel from the first, maybe because of the setting and already knowing about the regulated Society. Matched was about Cassia making a choice between the Society (Xander) and freedom (Ky). Crossed also is about making choices for both Cassia and Ky, involving both of their futures. Just as gripping and engaging as before, fans will not be disappointed. Though, the story does end abruptly with a bit of confusion. Full of adventure, mystery, and intrigue – readers of all ages will enjoy this highly entertaining dystopian trilogy. Condie’s near-future world is thrilling and completely engaging.

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