Fantasy – Fiction Book Review: Cursed

Cursed by Benedict Jacka

On a job for the Council, Alex Verus’ team finds a dead beast with no outward sign of attack. As he soon discovers, someone is using forbidden magic to harvest the magic of magical creatures, leaving them dead as a result. Alex is hired to investigate and quickly finds himself a target for assassins.

Alex has taken Luna on as an apprentice, though their relationship is a bit awkward. Meanwhile, Luna has made a new friend who irritates Alex, but also mostly from jealousy. Several old friends (and enemies) return in this exciting sequel to Fated, as Alex tries to find out who’s been harvesting magic. He takes this case especially personal, as one of his closest friends is a magical creature in danger.

Fast-paced, action-packed and full of adventure and magic – Cursed is a fantastic sequel. In fact, I enjoyed this thrilling story even more than the first. This series is a must-read for urban fantasy fans. Dark and suspenseful, with plenty of mystery – Jacka does not disappoint in this sophomore novel.

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