Book Review: Dark Jenny

Dark Jenny, by Alex Bledsoe

Eddie LaCrosse is a sword jockey, a medieval private detective. While investigating an unfaithful husband at a soirée in King Marcus Drake’s castle, LaCrosse becomes involved in a murder investigation when a guest falls dead right in front of him. Queen Jennifer is immediately under suspicion as the poisoned apples came directly from her. But it is soon evident to LaCrosse that a far more complex and devious plot is at work, one that will cut to the heart of the ruling family of Grand Bruan.

LaCrosse is an incredibly charming and brilliant character, with strong deductive reasoning and a soft spot for the fairer sex. Bledsoe is adept at fusing a traditional mystery with a medieval fantasy world. He’s a talented storyteller, with characters ranging from comical to dark and violent. The backdrop is a fascinating, island kingdom with a hint of magic.

This is the third installment in the Eddie LaCrosse series. But never having read the previous novels, I didn’t feel like I was missing anything, as the story reads like a strong standalone. Though, after reading Dark Jenny, I will definitely be going back to read the earlier books. Full of suspense, intrigue, and humor – readers of both mystery and fantasy will enjoy this surprising tale. I was hooked from the start, and was kept guessing to the very end.