Book Review: Dead Matter

Dead Matter

Dead Matter, by Anton Strout

Simon Canderous is an agent with the Department of Extraordinary Affairs, who has the ability to see the history of an object with just a touch. But when Simon and his girlfriend Jane are attacked at the grocery store, they have no idea what the monstrous creature is. Then, Simon discovers that his partner has been having troublesome dreams of his missing brother. Simon, Jane, and Connor soon find themselves a part of a scheme that could either lead to peace or bring about war for Simon’s employer and a secret society that has remained hidden for years.

Besides battling the forces of darkness, Simon and Jane excel at finding humor in any situation with their multiple pop culture references and jokes. All of Strout’s characters seem to have depth and their own fascinating story. His urban fantasy world is dark, with terrifying creatures, but is always handled with humor from Simon, lightening an otherwise suspenseful situation.

This great sense of humor, combined with vivid characters, a complex mystery, and plenty of danger, make for a fantastic read. And this latest installment is my favorite so far. Urban fantasy fans should not miss this exciting series.

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