Fantasy – Fiction Book Review: Deadly Descendant

Deadly Descendant by Jenna Black

Nikki Glass is now living with the group of immortal Descendants of gods called the Liberi who believe in using their gifts to protect the mortal world. Nikki is a Descendants of Artemis, with the gifts of perfect marksmanship and the ability to track people. Her gifts come in handy when asked to find the source of dog attacks in the DC area, resulting in the death of several men. The Olympians, an amoral rival faction of Descendants, think the dog attacks are really jackals, controlled by a descendant of Anubis the Egyptian god of death. But the Olympians are hiding something. And it soon becomes clear that this Descendant is just as deadly to the Descendants as he is to mortals.

Following events in Dark Descendant, Nikki is slowly adjusting to life with the Liberi, and the safety within their walls. She’s incredibly independent, and still feels like the outsider. And with the return of Emma, who insanely lashes out at Nikki (who helped rescue her by the way), Nikki has to deal with drama at every turn. But her relationship with Jamaal takes a pleasant and surprising turn.

This is the second installment in Black’s exceptional urban fantasy series. No series sophomore slump here. All of the fast-paced excitement, danger, suspense, and mystery are back along with a bit of romance and emotional drama that made this impossible to put down. This is one of my favorite new urban fantasy series. Solid characters, action, adventure, magic, and plenty of humor make this a must read for any fan of the genre.

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