Book Review: Eureka: Road Less Traveled

Eureka: Road Less Traveled, by Cris Ramsay

After a break-in at Global Dynamics, Jo and Fargo are assigned to investigate the theft of a lab-designed thunderbird. But the real event begins when Dr. Russell is able to contact another dimension. It’s parallel universe surprisingly similar to this one, except for an absent Sheriff Carter. Of course, the real trouble begins when the two realities begin overlapping. Eureka residents from the other universe begin showing up in this one. And it’s up to Sheriff Carter to help save the day once again.

This is my favorite Eureka tie-in thus far. The parallel storylines are fun and exciting. Most of the main characters from the show really shine and are put in some stirring predicaments. Loaded with mystery, suspense, out of this world technology, and humor, Eureka fans should not miss this latest installment. This humorous, science fiction series has heart and always plenty of adventure.

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