Book Review: Falcon Quinn and the Crimson Vapor

Falcon Quinn and the Crimson Vapor, by Jennifer Finney Boylan

As his second year at the Academy for Monsters begins, Falcon Quinn is nearly abducted by Guardians. But not everyone at the Academy believes Falcon to be loyal. And when missing items show up under his bed, even his friends begin to question his allegiance. As an Angel, Falcon is unsure what he is supposed to be and where his destiny lies. And once again, Falcon is faced with choosing between his Guardian and monster sides.

Boylan’s fantastic world of monsters and monster hunters is back with plenty of action, adventure, and laughs. Her characters are comical and vibrant. Falcon is a great kid, with a kind heart and selfless nature. And what this child of two worlds wants more than anything is peace between the two.

In this second installment, Falcon faces opposition from various students and adults at the Academy; the return of his former friend Jonny Frankenstein; confusion from the familiar faces at the Guardian school; and wanting to free Megan from her captors on Guardian Island. This action-packed sequel is fast-paced excitement from beginning to end. Humor, mystery, danger, and magic – this series marketed for middle readers has it all. A light-hearted adventure, it’s an incredibly fun read for fantasy fans of all ages.

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