Book Review: Fallen Angel

fallen angel

Fallen Angel, by Heather Terrell

Ellie has been having strange dreams of flying. But they seem real. When Ellie returns to school after summer break, she meets Michael, handsome and charming – who seems to be drawn to her. But the two share more than just a physical attraction. They share similar abilities. Ellie’s parents have been hiding a huge secret from her. And Ellie is forced to choose sides in a battle of good versus evil.

Ellie is a guarded girl, with a good heart, though susceptible to Michael’s influence. Her attraction for Michael seems superficial. I hope his character is explored more in later installments. Ellie’s parents are strangely distant and keep an important secret from her, supposedly for her safety. Though, their lies and secrets seem to just cause more harm.

Full of teenage angst, romance, mystery, and intrigue, this fast-paced series debut is a fun adventure for teens and adults alike. This exciting read incorporates Biblical lore, fantasy, and destiny – in an epic battle. The suspense slowly builds throughout until the fantastic climactic ending. With a slight cliffhanger that left me wanting more, I’m eagerly awaiting the next installment in this promising new series.

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