Book Review: Fateful

Fateful, by Caudia Gray

In 1912, Eighteen-year-old Tess Davies is a maid for a wealthy British family. Tess is accompanying the family to America, where she hopes to have saved enough money to leave their employment and make a life on her own. And even the third class accommodations aboard the ship RMS Titanic are lush compared to what she is used to. A handsome young man named Alec soon steals Tess’ heart. But he hides a dangerous secret. And an evil man will stop at nothing to get Tess out of the way and Alec under his control.

Tess is a humble girl who dreams of freedom. Working for the Lisle family is a constant source of humiliation and degradation for Tess. The backdrop of the Titanic amidst a paranormal romance is fantastic and moving. Gray has created a unique and powerful setting blending hope, heartbreak, romance, and werewolves.

Dark, romantic, tragic, and suspenseful, this latest release from Claudia Gray is beautiful and stirring. With more than a few surprises along the way, this gothic fantasy is truly inspired. Completely engaging and captivating from beginning to end, paranormal romance fans will enjoy every minute of it. I have found another talented author to follow and look forward to reading her previous novels.

Fateful releases from HarperTeen on September 13, 2011.