Sci-Fi – Fiction Book Review: Fear

Fear by Michael Grant

The former town of Perdido Beach is now called the FAYZ by its survivors located within the dome surrounding town where everyone over 15 years old suddenly disappeared. Just as an uneasy peace has fallen over the survivors for the past several months, the dome is changing, losing its light. The weakening of the dome is an opportunity for the enemy called the Gaiaphage. It could mean escape from its prison. But the children fear the coming and consuming darkness, as their world goes completely black.

The children of the FAYZ have gone through an incredible ordeal – starvation, sickness, infestation, mutations, brutality, murder, and more. There are some major changes in this installment, but it’s still not the end. One welcome addition is the story of the adults outside the dome. We finally see how they’re handling the giant mystery and the change/weakening of the dome. Grant’s characters are certainly flawed, yet there’s still the greater struggle of good versus evil. This fifth novel is just as dark and intense as before and answers are finally coming to light. Very violent and at times heart-wrenching, this story has the feel of Lord of the Flies meets young X-Men. I have read that the series will end with the next installment. This action-packed, suspenseful series has me eagerly awaiting the final resolution.

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Fear will release from Harper Teen on April 3, 2012

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