Book Review: Fear


R.L. Stine presents Fear: 13 Stories of Suspense and Horror

These thirteen tales of horror, mystery, and suspense are a perfect read for this Halloween season. Each is a twisted story from creepy creations to serial killers. Written for young adults, none are too graphic but have plenty of thrills and chills. Generally, I’m not a fan of short stories and anthologies. But these are easy reading and plenty of fun. Below is a short description of each story by each author:

R.L. Stine’s “Welcome to the Club” – A boy is pressured to join a club by killing his mean boss.
Heather Graham’s “She’s Different Tonight” – A cruel boy messes with the wrong girl on Halloween.
Suzanne Weyn’s “Suckers” – On a distant planet, humans keep disappearing.
Jennifer Allison’s “The Perfects” – The Perfect’s children are a babysitter’s worst nightmare.
Heather Brewer’s “Shadow Children” – A portal leads to another realm where shadow versions can replace human children.
Peg Kehret’s “The Poison Ring” – The theft of a poison ring sends a girl on a trail of deception and danger.
Alane Ferguson’s “Dragonfly Eyes” – A school shooter takes two girls hostage; and one will die.
Ryan Brown’s “Jeepers Peepers” – A young boy’s worst fears come true.
F. Paul Wilson’s “Piney Power” – A mysterious community enacts their own brand of justice on trespassers.
Meg Cabot’s “The Night Hunter” – Even heroes need a little help once in a while.
Walter Sorrells’ “Tuition” – A boy pulls one more theft to pay for his college education.
James Rollins’ “Tagger” – A young girl’s ability to paint her family symbol has sent an evil presence after her.
Tim Maleeny’s “Ray Gun” – A boy gets the chance to be the hero he’s always wanted to be.

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