Book Review: Frost

Frost by Wendy Delsol

Katla Leblanc is a Stork, a part of a group of women who help guide souls to new births. Her boyfriend Jack is a descendant of the Winter People, and a modern day Jack Frost. Months have passed since Kat and Jack stopped their classmate from opening a dark portal to another world. But their adventures are just beginning, when a beautiful scientist named Brigid arrives. Brigid soon steals the attention of all of the men in Kat’s life, and Jack turns cold and distant. Then, on a research expedition in Greenland, Jack and Brigid disappear, and Kat must confront the legendary Snow Queen herself to free her enchanted boyfriend.

Following the fantastic first novel in the Stork trilogy, I had high hopes for this sequel. And thankfully, I wasn’t disappointed. Reading the synopsis on the back felt like a major plot point was given away, but it would be predictable anyway. Most of the novel is a build-up to Brigid’s research expedition in Iceland and watching Jack pull away from Kat. And as the suspense builds, questions begin piling up as well.

Full of mystery, drama, magic, and romance – Frost is just as exciting as it’s predecessor. Urban fantasy and fairy tale fans will enjoy this riveting tale of wonder and suspense. Norse mythology blended with the feel of a modern day fantasy, this trilogy is unique and highly recommended. While this is the second installment in the Stork trilogy, with an overlying arc, these past two novels are successful standalone novels as well. A few questions still linger that will hopefully be wrapped up in the final novel.

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