Book Review: Ghost Country


Ghost Country, by Patrick Lee

When Paige Campbell is attacked shortly after visiting the President, Travis Chase decides to once again align himself with the secret agency known as Tangent. Travis joins Paige’s colleague Bethany and the two find the latest artifact to come through the Breach. The object creates a portal to the future – a devastating and shocking future. Travis and Bethany must work together to find Paige, discover the cause of the apocalyptic future, and try to stop that future from ever happening.

This is a sequel to last year’s thrilling Breach, but works well as a standalone. Once again, the adventure and suspense are non-stop and fast-paced. This unique scifi thriller is pure excitement and reads like watching a blockbuster action film. Not much time is spent on character development, yet they never seem flat or lacking depth. All but impossible to put down, the unpredictable surprises and shocking reveals continue through until the very end. Breach was a fantastic debut, and this latest installment impressed me even more.

Ghost Country releases from Harper Books on December 28, 2010.

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