Book Review: Ghost Story

Ghost Story, by Jim Butcher

Chicago’s resident Wizard is back for another adventure. But this time Harry Dresden doesn’t have access to his magic. He’s dead. And he only has a short time to find his killer and save his friends left behind. Now just a ghost, Harry must find a way to communicate with his friends, keep away from memory-eating wraiths, and take down an impossibly powerful enemy.

This is the thirteenth installment in the Dresden Files series. Characters have changed considerably over the years. And Harry as a ghost is still the same person – with emotions and vulnerabilities, just without the powers. Butcher’s world of magic in a modern day has evolved and taken on a life of its own, setting it apart from others in the genre. The Dresden Files has certainly earned its reputation and popularity.

Harry’s latest adventure takes him on a whirlwind of drama, heartache, suspense, and mystery. The longest novel in the series at 496 pages, it still has doesn’t feel long or drawn-out save for the times Dresden reminisces about years past. After culminating events lead to an exciting conclusion, shocking surprises are revealed. I was blown away by this latest fantastic and gripping story. Butcher never disappoints. Just because Dresden doesn’t have a body doesn’t mean the story has ended. Don’t miss this Ghost Story and this incredible series.

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