Fantasy – Fiction Book Review: Greatshadow

Greatshadow by James Maxey

Greatshadow is the elemental dragon of fire, feared and hunted to no avail. But when Infidel’s friend dies suddenly, she decides to join the latest quest to destroy Greatshadow for the promise of the dragon’s horde. Infidel has to hide her identity in order to join the eclectic group of hired men and women who are constantly at odds. The Church of the Book has sanctioned this quest, confident that if they fail, then the end of the world will be near.

Told from the point of view of a recently deceased character, Maxey has created a unique and exciting fantasy world. As with his previous series, the setting is dark with plenty of action and violence. But this new series has a fun bite of humor throughout, from eccentric characters like a skunk man who repels with his body odor to Infidel’s crazy body armor.

This quest-based fantasy has strong characters, a fascinating world, plenty of humor and plenty of heart. With mystery, magic, and mayhem – there is never a dull moment in this well-paced adventure. As a fan of author Lawrence Watt-Evans, I couldn’t help but see similarities with the humor and spirit of his Ethshar series and Maxey’s Greatshadow. It was highly entertaining and thoroughly enjoyable. I’m looking forward to the next in the series, Hush, which is set to release in late June.

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