Book Review: Hammered

Hammered, by Kevin Hearne

Atticus O’Sullivan barely escapes a trip to Asgard to fulfill a favor for an old witch. And now he has to return to help his lawyer, vampire and former Viking Leif Helgarson, slay the legendary god of thunder Thor. Thor has ruined countless lives with his cruelty and senseless killings, and now Atticus accompanies a Leif, a wizard, an alchemist, a werewolf, and a forgotten god of thunder – each with their own need for vengeance. Atticus receives multiple warnings that he will not survive this encounter with the Norse god. But the last Druid on Earth is nothing if not loyal, especially after having given his word.

This is the third installment of the Iron Druid Chronicles. Following the events in the previous novels, Atticus has found himself owing favors that will lead him down even more dangerous paths than before. The tone of this novel is a bit darker and grittier than before. Hearne has proved himself a master storyteller in these past few novels with interesting characters, engaging plots, and a creative world of magic and myth.

This new series has quickly become a favorite of mine. It’s a must-read for any urban fantasy fan. Quick wit, mystery, magic, and fantastic characters – this book is simply impossible to put down. With more action-packed suspense, drama, and a big final showdown this was a fantastic resolution to a three-part story arc. Thankfully, the series was picked up for another three future installments. I simply can’t get enough of Atticus O’Sullivan.

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