Book Review: Here Lies Bridget

Here Lies Bridget, by Paige Harbison

Bridget is the most popular girl in school. But she’s also one of the most hated and feared girls in school. When Bridget finds herself in limbo after a car accident, she is forced to look at her life from others’ point of view. But it may be too late to change.

Bridget is a spoiled princess for most of the book. We see her life from Bridget’s point of view, who is easily the most self-centered girl you can imagine. There are occasional glimpses of goodness in her, but they quickly disappear. When Bridget is confronted with her selfish and spiteful behavior, she makes an extremely quick turn-around. It’s A Christmas Carol for the modern teenage girl.

This is fast-paced and cringe-worthy drama that with a bit of humor and romance. While Bridget is a hateful girl for most of the book, the not-so-surprising ending leaves a smile. I thought this would be a darker book because of the subject matter. But it actually was a fun read, not quite light-hearted, but leaves off on a good note with a good feeling. Older teenage girls should enjoy this Dicken’s Christmas Carol meets Mean Girls.

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