Book Review: Hourglass

Hourglass, by Myra McEntire

Following her parents’ death and a brief stint in a mental institution, seventeen-year-old Emerson Cole moves in with her brother and his wife. Emerson just wants to be normal, but her strange ability makes that nearly impossible. Emerson can see people from the past – ghostly apparitions that only disappear when she tries to touch them. Her brother has hired numerous so-called experts to try to help Emerson. So when Michael Weaver shows up from an organization called Hourglass, Emerson is immediately suspicious. Michael claims Emerson is not just seeing ghosts, but that she has the ability to see into the past. There’s something about Michael that compels Emerson, and it’s not just his suave demeanor and good looks.

Emerson and Michael have an incredible chemistry. Emerson is damaged yet nearly fearless. Michael is mysterious yet fiercely protective of Emerson. And strange things happen when they touch. McEntire’s impressive debut flawlessly blends fantasy and science fiction in the time travel romance for young adults.

Full of drama, mystery, suspense, and romance, this moving story was impossible to put down. The story and romance reminded me a bit of the Time Travelers Wife, yet age appropriate and not as dark. With several surprises along the way, the Hourglass ends with a twist that left me wanting more. This is a promising start for a talented new author. And I eagerly await a sequel to this fascinating debut.

Hourglass is scheduled to release from EgmontUSA on June 14, 2011.

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