Book Review: In Memories We Fear

In Memories We Fear by Barb Hendee

Eleisha and her companions are still searching for more vampires to bring into their fold and show them another way to feed. Wade discovers a feral vampire in London. And the entire group travels overseas to provide help as they can. But the feral vampire has been out of human contact so long, Philip and Wade fear the only thing to be done is to kill him. But Eleisha decides to take a chance and connect with the vampire at her own peril.

This is the fourth installment in the Vampire Memories series. The character development within Eleisha’s group, especially with Philip, has been progressive and dramatic. Each book in the series has a standalone story, but the overlying arc is suspenseful as the demented Julian follows Eleisha’s every move. This latest story is just as thrilling, dramatic, and engaging as ever. The feral vampire is completely unpredictable, yet sympathetic. This is fantastic blend of urban fantasy and gothic vampires. Dark, vivid, and captivating – this series is a must for fans of the vampire subgenre.

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