Book Review: Mad Skills


Mad Skills, by Walter Greatshell

Maddy Grant awakens fourteen months after a near fatal accident to discover that scientists have performed a radical new experiment on her. Prior to surgery, Maddy’s brain had been damaged, leaving her in a vegetative state. Now, an implant in her brain has given her increased mental capacity. But her impressive mind, comes at the cost of her emotional stability. Maddy’s increasing frustration builds to a dangerous level. And the more she learns about Braintree and the other patients, the more she is convinced that they are using her. Maddy becomes convinced they are turning her into a killer.

Greatshell has created an impressive blend of science fiction, horror, and psychological thriller. Maddy is a complex character with more than her share of troubles that affect her emotionally and threaten her sanity. At times events are a bit confusing. It’s hard to tell what’s real, adding to the intense suspense and mystery. There is never a dull moment, with fast-paced excitement and drama. And by the end, the big reveal is encompasses much more than I thought, involving a major conspiracy. Mad Skills was constantly surprising, erratic, dark, and violent.

Mad Skills releases from Ace Bookson December 28, 2010.

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