Book Review: Memories of Envy

Memories of Envy

Memories of Envy, by Barb Hendee

Eleisha Clevon is a vampire still grieving from the loss of a friend and mentor. But Eleisha is given hope when she discovers a vampire may be living in Denver. Eleisha and her friends have been searching for other vampires, in hopes that they can be taught to feed on humans without killing and join their underground community. But Simone Stratford is another kind of vampire, a brutal huntress without remorse. Her gift is envy, and few are able to resist her charms.

This is the third installment in the Vampire Memories saga. This story centers almost entirely on Simone, her character and her affect on those around her. Eleisha’s relationship with Philip is most affected, when he is tempted by her way of life. Hendee’s characters are incredibly vivid and pull the reader into the story. With so many character changes and interesting relationship dynamics the next installment can’t come fast enough.

This vampire series is full of drama and suspense. A fast-paced page-turner, it begs to be read in one sitting. The sense of danger and tension builds to an exciting conclusion. But enough plot threads are left to continue the series in more thrilling installments. Fans of the genre should not miss this captivating saga.

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