Book Review: Monster Slayers

Monster Slayers

Monster Slayers, by Lukas Ritter

While young boys Evin and Jorick are out playing in the forest, they return to their village in ruins and the entire community kidnapped by ferocious creatures called gnolls. With the help of a young wizard and her guidebook A Practical Guide to Monsters, the trio venture into the lair of monsters to rescue the boys’ families. But when Evin is met with a shocking event, he begins to realize that nothing is what it seems. He has memories that seem to be missing. And Evin must uncover the truth behind the abductions and find out who is truly on his side.

Based on the book A Practical Guide to Monsters, this fantasy book for children is a extraordinary addition. Evin is brave and smart, and is the first to question his memories and reality. As the trio of adventurers proceed in their search, they encounter incredible danger and seemingly insurmountable odds. And a shocking twist of an ending culminates to a fantastic showdown. With non-stop action and adventure, unique monsters, and a bit of magic, this is an exciting story for young and old alike.

Monster Slayers releases from Mirrorstone Books on May 11, 2010.

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