Book Review: My Soul to Save

My Soul to Save

My Soul to Save, by Rachel Vincent, is the 2nd book in the Soul Screamers series.

Kaylee Cavanaugh is a soul screamer, and compulsively screams for the souls of dying people. But when she witnesses the death of a popular singer, there doesn’t seem to be a soul to scream for. Kaylee soon discovers that teens are trading their souls for fame and fortune. But in agreeing to help a friend of friend try to get her soul back, Kaylee will be putting her own at risk when she and her friends travel to the Netherworld.

The characters were developed well in the first novel, so this time around focused more on the story. Kaylee and her boyfriend not only have the pressures of dating, but having to skip school to try to save lives, means having to sneak around protective parents as well. They have good intentions, but don’t always make wise decisions.

An original world with unique characters, this sequel was even more creative than the first. Along with the usual teenage angst and romance, this young adult urban fantasy has plenty of mystery and suspense. With a fantastic start, the intensity continues to build throughout the story, leading to a highly climactic and surprising ending. I’m hooked on this series.

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