Book Review: No Hero

No Hero, by Jonathan Wood

Police detective Arthur Wallace is hunting a bizarre serial killer, when he stumbles upon a murder in progress. But the murder he witnesses turns out to be a strange tentacled being. Then, a secret government agency inducts Arthur into their small group of world-defenders against the parasitic Progeny. Overwhelmed and out of his element, Arthur doesn’t think he has what it takes, so his mantra becomes “What would Kurt Russell do?” But Arthur will have to step up and become a hero if he wants to stop the Progeny and uncover the mole in the organization.

Arthur is an average guy, but a good detective. His teammates have exceptional gifts, but he’s thrust into the leadership role. Wood creative world blends science fiction and fantasy with the tentacled Progeny race from another dimension. His characters are mysterious without a lot of background. The focus is all on the fast-paced, action-packed, storyline. Packed with humor and excitement, it reads like an action film. Like a British, science fiction version of a Kurt Russell action film. No Hero is highly imaginative and entertaining, with plenty of twists and surprises.

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