Fantasy – Fiction Book Review: Of Poseidon

Of Poseidon by Anna Banks

Emma literally runs into Galen at the beach on vacation. Emma is embarrassed at her awkwardness, especially after seeing how attractive Galen is and his piercing, familiar eyes. Galen isn’t human. He’s Syrena prince (just don’t call them mermaids). Galen has been looking for someone that supposedly can communicate with sea life. But he isn’t sure Emma is the one he’s been looking for until a violent shark attack where Emma proves that she has the gift of Poseidon. According to legend, Emma has the power to save his people, but his attraction to her may be a problem as a treaty states she must marry his older brother, the king.

Banks’ Syrena/mermen blend a bit of legend into modern day, with intriguing results. I’m a sucker for stories about mermaids and fairy tales, and I was happily won over by this fantasy world and tale of forbidden love. Emma and Galen have a natural and easy connection and attraction. Yet both try to hold the other at arm’s length for fear of heartbreak. Emma’s mother bothered me, and wasn’t really believable. She acted overprotective at times, then allows Emma to spend the night at Galen’s house when she had never met his “mother” and knows nothing about Galen. Bizarre is the only word to use for her. But Galen’s sister and friend have a fun relationship that adds a light-hearted humor to the story.

There is plenty of romance, teen angst, and mystery in this new YA fantasy. Engaging and even paced, Of Poseidon was hard to put down. This charming story is an impressive debut from a talented new author. Events build to a surprising cliffhanger that will leave readers eager for its upcoming sequel.

Of Poseidon releases from Feiwel & Friends on May 22, 2012.

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