Book Review: Past Midnight

Past Midnight

Past Midnight, by Mara Purnhagen

Like most teens, Charlotte is embarrassed by her parents. But everyone knows about her parents, since they are the stars of a hit paranormal investigation reality show. Charlotte often helps her parents on their investigations. But after a particularly strange incident in Charleston, Charlotte’s sister convinces the family to move on a semi-permanent basis (at least one school year) so Charlotte can have a stable senior year. But something has followed Charlotte to their new home. Invading her dreams as well as while awake, Charlotte must discover what the presence wants before it’s too late.

Charlotte is a likeable girl who makes friends easily. And though she gets to know a couple boys at school, one with particular potential, the story doesn’t focus at all on romance. Instead, the story revolves around mystery, suspense and the paranormal. Although there are some creepy and slightly disturbing scenes, for the most part this quick read is a teen drama. The story and characters are engaging. Though, the mysteries are fairly predictable. The ending is also a bit lackluster and anti-climactic. It’s a fun and slightly, dark tale with potential that just fell a little bit flat.

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