Book Review: Project U.L.F. Reacquisition

Project U.L.F. Reacquisition

Project U.L.F. Reacquisition, by Stuart Clark

Wyatt Dorren has retired from alien trapping, leaving the Interplanetary Zoological Park (I.Z.P.) to start a family. But when a fanatical group breaks into the zoo, releasing its deadly inhabitants, Wyatt is the only man qualified to coordinate a reconnaissance and rescue effort. While Wyatt and IZP employee and protégé Chris Gault track down the escaped alien creatures, police officers Ed Lieberwits and Ed Wood track down the people responsible for the mayhem. But the detectives discover a shocking mystery behind the break-in, one that began years ago.

I can’t say enough about how much I enjoyed this one. Clark’s characters are sympathetic and engaging. And the aliens are scary and unpredictable and loose in Chicago. While this novel is a sequel of sorts, it’s also a solid standalone. And as before, this latest installment is an action-packed, nail-biting, thrill ride. The book reads like movie, the action jumping from scene to scene between the various characters. And the non-stop suspense builds throughout the novel, to its exciting conclusion. It’s a fantastic, engrossing story that any scifi fan will enjoy. Don’t miss this or Clark’s debut novel Project U.L.F.

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