Book Review: Psych: The Call of the Mild

Psych: The Call of the Mild

Psych: The Call of the Mild, by William Rabkin

When Shawn and Gus are hired by a school teacher to find her missing necklace, they think it’s going to be a simple case. When several people end up murdered because of it, Shawn’s retired father gets pulled into the case. While Shawn and Gus promise not to get involved in the murder investigation, they decide to follow the trail of the necklace. But they soon find themselves in the middle of a wilderness for a corporate retreat, with a murderer picking off their group one by one.

Based on the extremely funny, mystery series from the USA Network, Psych follows the adventures of fake psychic detective Shawn Spencer and his partner Burton Guster (Gus). The two often partner with the local Santa Barbara Police Department as consultants. Again, Rabkin has deftly written the two loveable and goofy characters with precision.

This installment again takes the dynamic duo on a dangerous adventure. The mystery itself is complex with several surprises along the way. Fans of the show should be sure to check out these tie-ins. This may be my favorite of the Pysch novels so far. There is always loads of laughs and plenty of suspense, and this latest doesn’t disappoint.

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